What to Wear

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Arrive as close to your appointed time as possible. A little early or late (15 minutes or less:} is never a problem, no stress is best.


Unless you have used it and loved it before, please avoid self tanner. And please, please avoid glitter! Our retoucher thanks you.


Please avoid clothing with words, logos and very bright colors. They can dominate the image and become quickly outdated. Solid colors are best for close ups. A great color choice is the color of your eyes. Bring variety, your favorite outfits, those that portray this time in your life the best.


These are not necessary though they are great if you are certain of the results. The important thing is that you look like you!


Bring items important to you, fun items that go with your outfits, etc. Better to bring it than wish you had. Remember to check your teeth, glasses, nails, brows, etc...digital resolution is amazing!

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