In business a web image or a photograph is often the first impression you make on potential clients and associates, so it is important to have a quality image from a Master and Certified Professional Photographer. Diana Oliver, your photographer, is trained in the correct and most flattering lighting and posing techniques. Did you know there are masculine and feminine poses? Did you know that most faces are not symmetrical and one side is usually best more toward the camera? Diana is skilled in these areas as well as in lighting and camera angles to both enhance and diminish features. For example, a double chin or glass glare can easily be diminished by body position and camera and lighting angles. Personality traits from reserved to gregarious can be portrayed in your images. Come to Oliver Photography Studio and have a skilled professional create your head & shoulder images that will speak volumes for you, images that reflect your commitment to quality and professionalism.

Your head shots can be viewed in the camera at the time of your photo shoot for expedited service, or they can be viewed online same or next day. The online gallery will show a retouched and enhanced version of one image to help you visualize the finished masterpiece. The image file with usage license is emailed to you once a selection is made and the file is prepared.

Business Photography rates are very moderate, not the lowest but far from the highest. Considering the years of experience, the level of skill and artistry, the convenient professional location, the variety and quality of scenery, sets, props, and products, the value received easily exceeds the investment.

Web Special Head & Shoulders Studio shoot with 1 image file in both color and black & white, sized for both web and print up to 5x7, with usage license - $150 per person. Discounts for 4 or more people. Additional image files - $95 each.